Home cinema FAQ

Glad you asked.

  • We take design far more seriously than most, which means better performance, and better looking rooms - it's not a trade-off if you know what you're doing.
  • Owen is the only fully qualified home technology provider in the Bristol area, with Designer, Networking and Smarthome certifications, and over 20 years' experience.
  • We have the only dedicated home cinema experience centre in the region. Retail demo rooms can be good for two channel hi-fi, but they can't show a cinema system to its true potential.

    Ours does that. You can read about it starting here (but you might as well come and see us).

  • Our close working partnership with Fraser Besant Lighting gives us access to professional lighting design expertise, and fantastic lighting products, for your cinema and your whole home. As a team we offer great value as well as great service.
  • Cinemaworks was the world's first company to achieve CEDIA Member of Excellence*, has a prestigious international CEDIA award for a cinema/media room project, and Owen now serves on the Awards judging panel.

*there are just 15 MoE companies in the world, from several thousand eligible firms

  • Owen volunteers on the R10 global working group writing the next generation of standards for home cinema and entertainment spaces. That means our designs follow the most up-to-date recommended practices, before other installers have even seen them. Just three other UK install firms contribute to R10.
I hope we've answered your question, but of course you will have specific circumstances, needs and wants. We'd love to help - please get in touch so we can advise further.