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We can build you a better home cinema.

One that reflects your unique style and fits seamlessly into the design of your home.

Considered materials and finishes, lighting to set the scene and outstanding performance.

An authentic cinema experience that immerses you in a world of adventure, excitement, thrill and suspense.


Normally, we start with your room. Or, preferably, two - the viewing room itself, plus a separate projection and equipment store.

Then we look at seating, whether tiered rows of cinema seats, or a more informal layout. Every seat has to be great!

From there, we work out the spec for audio and video systems, and only then start to select equipment. Our designs meet or exceed the recognised industry standards for cinema, which means a captivating performance.

Once the technical design and specification are finalised, we look at the styling.

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A modern home cinema should look fantastic, with speakers, cables, and equipment all hidden from view. We remove visual clutter and distraction, to enhance the immersive experience and for a cleaner look.

Styling is personal - wood panelling, classic contemporary, or futuristic.

Bespoke 3D Design

For absolute peace of mind, we can create your very own bespoke 3D design, showing you exactly how your room will look and feel, with VR walkthrough and virtual tour.

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When it's right, you're in the film, box set, or game - completely captivated by the action on screen.

Imagine watching your favourite film, at home, with family or friends and all your creature comforts to hand - all at a performance level that's much better than a commercial cinema.

Our wealth of experience and training ensures that your experience will be breathtaking. 

"I can't stress enough how pleased I am.
Quite incredible."

Matthew H,
Cinematic Media Room