Your home cinema room

Feel every moment

A real cinema in the comfort of your home. One that’s so good, you’ll never need to visit a commercial cinema again.

A space that can be more than a cinema; just as good for boxsets, social gaming, sports events and watch parties.

Style it your way. Complement your home interior or create a new kind of space.

Contemporary, retro, or futuristic? It could be a theme inspired by your favourite film, box set, or team.


Relaxed contemporary home cinema


Panelled retro home cinema


Sci-fi inspired home cinema

ImageCEDIA Certified Designer
Certified and International award-winning home technology designer

Your room will look and feel incredible, that's a given. But making sure the experience is equally impressive, demands a high degree of technical design and know-how.

As cinema engineers and designers, we can widen the sweet spot from one seat to all seats, making sure that everyone feels every moment.

A setup like this needs great attention to detail
- and you had it in spades!

Huw C, Clifton
- Basement cinema

An investment that keeps on giving

The cost depends on your room size, what's on your wishlist, and the quality level you’re looking to achieve. Loosely, the equipment spec for a smaller room starts at around £20k.

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