What is CEDIA and why should I care?

What is CEDIA?

Whether you’re building a new home, extending, refurbishing, or need specialist help – CEDIA (cedia.net) member companies are your trusted home technology partners.

CEDIA is the global industry body for smart and connected home technology - focusing on education, training and promoting the highest standards for our growing industry.

We carry the following professional accreditations:

  • ESC-D Certified Designer

    Turning wishlists into reality

  • ESC-N Networking Specialist

    Networks that work - securely - everywhere

  • IST Smart Home Technician

    All-round knowledge and ability

  • CEDIA Accredited Presenter

    Delivering great training for build professionals

Thanks to our commitment to training, high standard of workmanship, and volunteering for the industry, in 2019 we became the first company in the world to be awarded the designation CEDIA Member of Excellence! A real honour. 

CEDIA Certified Designer