Why should I have a home cinema?

Disappear into another world

It's all in the performance, that experience of being inside the film. Drama, passion, excitement - from adventures to romantic comedies, with emotions driven by a full-bodied orchestral soundtrack.

A modern home cinema is completely immersive - the sound and picture fill up your senses, take you out of the everyday world and put you right in the action.

As for performance, we treat a commercial cinema as the baseline we can improve on.

Family and friends

'Big screen' is so much more fun than 'screen time'. Cinema is inherently social - first we watch the film (or boxset, or game...) then we love to talk about it.

There's no better rainy day activity for the whole family to enjoy together.

Not just films

The rooms have many other uses, such as:

Epic Box Sets

Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, Stranger Things - incredibly well made, high definition masterpieces with fantastic sound, that can entertain you for hours. You can't even see them at the cinema.


Big and little kids alike can enjoy Fortnite, Red Dead Redemption, or something a little gentler. With immersive picture and sound, there's no better way to be right in the action, yet with huge screen and surround sound, still very social.


Particularly in a media room - that's the more informal type of home cinema - great quality music playback can be life-changingly brilliant - the cinema system already has to play orchestra perfectly.

With the right sound system we can even recreate the nightclub experience in your home.


Whether you love the rugby, football, golf, or tennis, or all of it - this is as close as it gets to being there, and a great way to watch with friends.

But definitely films as well!

We've all got a favourite film.

Nowadays accessing them is easier than ever - with streaming services, discs and movie servers like Kaleidescape there's a whole world of choice. Whether it's blockbuster or arthouse, modern or classics - or a mixture - there's certain to be plenty of films to suit you perfectly.

Transform an unloved room

Do you still have a dining room? What a waste! Typically, dining rooms are used three times a year. A good home cinema will get used most days.

Other rooms to look at are basements, lofts, and former playrooms - any of these could be transformed into a fantastic, magical home cinema space. Ground floor extensions often create a darker room in the middle of the house, which is another perfect candidate.

On a new-build project, cinema is a great way to create that wow factor.

We can build you a better home cinema. Let's get started.