CPD for Architects and Designers

We offer several CPD courses about Home Technology.

All CPDs are fully approved core content by the RIBA and BIID, so highly suitable for architects and designers working on residential projects.

Owen Maddock of Cinemaworks was lead author of 'Designing Home Cinema and Media Rooms', and one of the main writers for 'Designing The Connected Home.' Owen is a Certified Technology Designer and presents regularly at RIBA Roadshow and other events.

Virtual CPD & Working from Home - Since March 2020 all our courses can be delivered via MS Teams or Zoom, which is fully endorsed by the RIBA and BIID.

Designing Home Cinema and Media Rooms

Digital entertainment plays a huge part in modern living and can be truly astonishing.

Entertaining spaces need careful thought and professional design to perform well, and ultimately create 'wow'.

Designing Home Cinema and Media Rooms CPD

Discover the principles of how to design and implement these spaces. This CPD will help you to understand the following topics:

• Differences between a home cinema and a media room, and the key terminology

• How to raise awareness of home cinemas and media rooms, how to help clients choose and specify rooms and raise the standard of the rooms

• The components that make a good home cinema room and media room

 • Design principles and metrics of sound and vision

• Working with a specialist system designer

Designing The Connected Home CPD

Designing The Connected Home

Following a major update in 2019, the core CEDIA CPD covers connected, integrated and future-friendly home technology, and how to successfully incorporate into build projects.

• Lighting & Shading
• Wi-Fi and Networking
• Cabling and Infrastructure
• Home Entertainment
• Security
• Design and Integration

Cabling for the Integrated Home CPD

Cabling for the Integrated Home

Guidance for installation of the cabling infrastructure that is important to support today's digital and connected lifestyles, including home cinema, lighting, audio-visual services and security.

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