Home cinema seating types

There are four styles of main seat for a home cinema:

Luxury cinema seats

Larger than in a commercial cinema or theatre, often with electric recline, armrests, headrests and storage.

Atlas by Home Cinema Modules

Home Cinema Modules 'Atlas' Cinema seats

Typically leather, velvet or Alcantara - I’d suggest fabrics are more comfortable, and help the room sound better.

If you want a serious 'cinema-style cinema' in your home, these dedicated seats look the part and offer perfect comfort. 

Commercial cinema seats

Prince Micro Sofa by Infinity Seating Ltd

When space is tighter but you want to seat more people, it's better to use smaller seats than put them in the wrong places.

Refurbished vintage seats can look great if you want a more traditional room style. It's also a way to save cost, say for a second row.

We really like the make ‘Infinity’ shown here. This is exactly what the Everyman™ and Tivoli™ chains use - luxury, but smaller.

Regular sofa

There’s nothing wrong with a regular sofa and there’s plenty of choice, but, you might want reclining, and for a long session - whether you’re binge-watching a box set or it's a Star Wars marathon - you might want added head and neck support.

It's a great option if you're on a budget - use a regular sofa for now, to make sure you don't have to skimp on the system costs.

Dedicated cinema sofa

We really like cinema sofas - they look great and give a relaxed feel, with all the reclining benefits of luxury cinema seats.

CEDIA Certified Designer

The ‘Antares’ in our showroom is a perfect example - we have a chaise plus two electric recliners, and the headrests come up for maximum support and comfort, but it looks clean and stylish just like a sofa should.

It’s the best of all worlds.

Occasional seats

Beanbags, benches, and bar stools

Occasional seats are brilliant - kids and teenagers love a bean bag, bar stools are good when the boys or girls come round to watch the sport, bench seats can add useful storage…

Crucially, you can put more budget into the seats you use most - and put those best seats in the best locations. For visitors and special occasions, you can save space, save cost, and they’ll understand.

Whatever's on your wish list, we can build you a better home cinema, with better seats